Herocraft Dev being ddos'd - no plugin updates :(

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Kainzo, Aug 8, 2012.

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    The short story:
    *personal information removed by Staff* demanded Herochat push an update before RB of CB for 1.31. We didn't respond fast enough. Their answer? DDOS our repos / build servers. *personal information removed by Staff* gets on IRC and requests homosexual services on his privates then proceeds to DDOS myself and Herocraft MC server.

    This is part 2 from http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/treat-plugin-devs-better.91128 (Now locked/deleted due to offensive material)

    Well, I thought it was something just childish, because we wouldn't 'jump' to one person's whiney attitude fast enough. This person *personal information removed by Staff* is now targetting our users and our main server (Herocraft).

    Update: It has been over 30 hours now and our main server is still unplayable - having a DDOS run for 30+ hours because we wouldnt push an update at this speed.

    The user in question admits to ddosing our services and laughs about it.
    *link removed by Staff*
    Is the combined log of all that was said/done - the previous thread we created was set to private and locked.
    More info of the user - IRC chat logs..
    *link removed by Staff*
    Emails of him being "superior" over other server owners/devs
    *link removed by Staff*

    We are a non-profit organization and a non-profit development team. We don't have a lot of cash to fling around for anti-ddos protection and we can't develop anything if our build servers / test servers are offline.

    We believe hes running a Slow Iris attack, it's not a massive DDOS but its enough to steadily knock out our services every 5-10mins to create chaos in the userbase.

    Anyone want to help out and throw us a bone?
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    couldn't you test it locally?
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    The immaturity and track record of these Craftlandia guys is unreal...they have reputation all over the place. I wish I could help you Kainzo.

    Here's hoping someone with extra services can help out...one way....or another.
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    mfw they deleted the whole 'treat devs better' thread. After i wrote a giant wall of text as well (which was on topic might i add). This makes me sad, i had 1 like on that so i am 1 like less. I demand a refund, bukkit/whoever deleted it. :p
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    Yeah... the other thread really gave insight of how the person is insane - shouldn't have been deleted.
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    A simple lock would have sufficed...it would give (more) context to your current issues.
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    Running netstats and such now...
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  8. Really hope you find a solution soon, hero chat is a great plugin, and I use it on my server. Really sucks that people stoop this low. People were DDOSing the charity event while it was live the other day. Some people really are the low of low.

    What is it that you actually need help with? Maybe I can talk someone into helping out if possible.
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    Right now we're just trying to mitigate the damage on our main servers. The jenkins build server is more responsive now but is still going down.

    I'm attempting to monitor the ddos and catch the ips - but whenever I shut down the main MC server - the ddos stops, when I bring it back up, it starts again - so not sure if they are flooding connections on a port that is only opened when the server is online or something else.
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    Suppose they figure its you guys Ddos'ing their site (still down atm)...so they keep at it with you guys.

    Too bad their lacking the IQ to put it together its not you guys at all.
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    Assuming this is a linux box, can't you accept only good IP's (the developers or testers or whatever) and have iptables drop everything else?
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    Yes, this is possible - but we're getting massive access request floods to the build jenkins - its holding up okay.

    The main server *advertising removed by Staff* is being hit now and I'm unable to catch whos doing it (of course we know)

    So much drama, haha.
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    Sadly, he sounded around 12 so it might be a while before he discovers girls and realizes what a waste of DNA he currently is.
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    Its just sad to see people doing this. A bunch of script kiddies who think they will get respect by entering an IP into a window and press a button. He probably considers himself a master hacker aswell... sigh

    We use HeroChat on our server and cant wait for you guys to release a new update, hope the kid gets grounded for flooding his parents network while DDosing you guys.
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    Wow, that really sucks. :( (Reminds me of this)
    I hope it resolves itself soon.

    edit: double ^^
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    Kainzo, so sorry to hear about that mate. I myself can offer no help, but I did put a query in to a couple of my buddies in the IT dept of my work. Will let you know if anything can be done or of any suggestions.
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    cant you just use somekinda firewall to block them ?
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    @Kainzo i suggest you stop making these thread as it will just result in a flame war

    To add onto your other thread i can understand where your coming from and I'm thinking about not doing public deving because the amount of spam and kids who dont know how to use a plugin
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    We have a switch (level 3) firewall in place and two firewalls on the machine - its not so easy as "block" connections - we drop packets that are malicious.

    The issue is hes exploiting a security hole somewhere - we're trying to patch it.

    No life losers like this guy really make the internet a sad place.

    More info of the user - IRC chat logs..
    *link removed by Staff*

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    I had a brazillian server, the second biggest brazil server, and i got DDOsed to death.

    Today, ANY new brazillian server gets ddosed to death in a week or less by this guy.

    Im a experienced java coder, and i know a little things about internet however i still have not found an option witch not uses a high ammount of money to protect the server.

    So ,if any coding skills can help, or if you need a coder to help to stop this guy shit, PLEASE count me in i will be VERY GLAD to help, really.

    If you guys pay me a trip to where he lives im pretty sure he will stop doing this shit :)
    This is our friend: *personal information removed by Staff*
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    Feel sorry for you, but many servers have gone through this so it's nothing new. How did all of this start anyways? Well, never develop non-profit for kids when they expect 24/7 support.
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    Hello friend also had problems with *personal information removed by Staff*.
    My server was the second largest in Brazil.
    The craftlandia not stand the competition and launched DDOS to my server
    can read a little about the dramatic history by following the link
    *advertising removed by Staff*

    I have also some emails with the founder of craftlandia
    it acts as if it were the best in the world

    Can I show you all emails
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    Can anyone provide the type of DDOS, and PPS and size?
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    If someone is wanting to help, i would ask for information as well since i was a victim of this guy too. Please, share the solution !

    Theyr ddos size is around 80-200mb , im not sure about the type of ddos, i had spoofed ips sening low quota packages.
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    More pasties about how psychotic this person is.
    It's actually kind of hard to read.

    *link removed by Staff*
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    That's just sad. This person obviously has some mental issues. Hope they get the help they need.
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    Huh, This guy is getting himself in some real trouble now.
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    this and the email I quoted
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    Just saying but that is a very egotistical message. I mean come on,
    quote: 'It would indeed be a contradiction, the largest and most successful Minecraft server in the world, making an alliance with the crudest and most failed server that has ever existed.'

    Just about says it all really.
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    Why don't you get the cops on this? Hacking is an illegal offense worldwide.
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