herochat vs. essencials chat

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by sergetheurge, Mar 6, 2013.

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    I find the whole channel thing very confusing and odd.
    We need herochat to separate chat between worlds
    however herochat conflicts with essentials chat and this is very annoying.
    I have googled for hours and a lot of people say to uninstall one or the other, but i really need both.
    How do I use permissionex to make certain user groups have different color chat in herochat?
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    seriously, I think if plugins are not compatible, warn the autors and disable one of them... or try Simple Prefix or another plugins :(
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    It's not possible to fix this incompatibility, unfortunately. You'll have to find a way to manage with one or the other.

    HOWEVER, with your permissionsex question, have you tried using the bundled ChatManager.
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    it is completely impossible to have both work with each other, without very specific hooks, due to herochat outputting its own formats.
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