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    Hey guys, My friends and I were wondering; why there is currently only 1 plugin regarding Herobrine on Bukkit, but there is plenty of them on Vanilla Minecraft.
    I doubt the developer for the current plugin would read this but, I seriously dislike the current Herobrine plugin. Why?
    - The 'Herobrine' is not even a herobrine skin and hasn't been for quite some time.
    -He jumps ultra high! That's not realistic to the description of Herobrine.
    -He is incredibly strong.
    -He doesn't lurk around and build weird stuff, and he doesn't disappear like he's supposed to.

    Wouldn't it be more sensible to have a Herobrine plugin that actually matches the general Minecraft community?
    such as:
    - Having a proper skin.
    - Using the Enderman teleport animation when you get close.
    - Building strange long tunnels, pyramids and red torches.
    - Being more rare to find.
    - Not jumping like a fucking Jack-in-a-box.
    - If you decide to make a Herobrine that can fight, don't make a extremely powerful one.
    - Make him more... 'mysterious!'
    I am not the only one who has been wanting this for a long time!
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    You need spout and spoutcraft for the custom skin
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    Yeah I do, but isn't that a little stupid to have to have spoutcraft for it to function properly with the skin?
    I think I may have found a solution to having Herobrine skin with normal, I'm not sure because I don't do coding or whatever, but; Go to Start>%appdata%>.minecraft>bin>right click minecraft.jar - open with winrar archiver>mobs and the 4th from the bottom should be 'Villager.png' thats the original Minecraft skin, also known as 'Stevie' couldn't someone just edit the eyes to be white and use it as the herobrine skin? instead of using a zombie?
  4. You know why that file is inside of the client? You know why the skin of every mob is inside of the client? Cause it uses (only!) that skin files. If you find the herobrine skin inside of the minecraft.jar we can talk about that idea again, else we need a modded client. Easiest way: spout + spoutcraft. ;)
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    Yeah, Umm you just said it uses that file. So if you edit the eyes in photoshop and resave it over the orginal it should work am i right? I've done that with other games. I do beleive thats how you make 'skin packs' am i right?
    I have made a skin pack for Left 4 Dead 2 and I did EXACTLY that So I DO NOT see why it shouldn't work.
    So what I'm trying to say is your comment was completely invalid.
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    Don't be rude, poster above you was right. What you are suggesting is a client sided mod, and cannot be done on the server.

    If you want client sided Herobrine, you need Spout (Ooooor, to spawn an EntityPlayer with the herobrine skin)
  7. ^ This. Also the file you want to change is used for every player which hasn't uploaded his own skin to minecraft.net, which mean you will get more herobrines than you want to...
    For that you need a minecraft.net account with that skin and the name of it will be shown above herobrine.
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    Are you serious? I don't see why the picture I posted about cannot be edited! Like the game is going to know?
    Fuck never thought a game could be so complicating :3
    Well, with client side mods, is it possible to be able to have one that functions the same on both Minecraft and whatever other operator of MC?
    Because if I were to have a nice Herobrine mod, I wouldn't want only some people to see him a Herobrine, like the current mod is.
    People always aske me 'What the hell is up with that spastic zombie'

    What the hell, why did my part of the reply go in the blue box :3

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  9. You can edit the file, but that would be a client side mod, so only you will see the modified skin (and, as your client uses that file for every non-personal-skinned player, you will see it on many other players, too).
    Is it so complicated to understand that a modification you make at the client is a client side mod? <.<

    If you use spout every player with spoutcraft will see the herobrine skin while normal minecraft users will see the zombie skin.
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    No it won't? When the Enderdragon used to have a retarded entity name it never showed above it.
    Remember? when it was called 'entity.ender.dragon'?
  11. Would be possible, yes, but you have to tell the client to use that skin, so you have to modify the client -> clioent side mod again...
    Yea, and a new client submitted by mojang fixed this, which means it was changed ·client side.
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    Hey I don't know much about this mate, go easy on me I'm trying my best to understand you guys.

    I also heard things from the current Herobrine mod creator that It's not possible to use the Enderman teleportation animation?
    Why not?
    It's got to be in the files somewhere couldn't you just use it with the mod creation?
  13. Cause the server only sends "enderman is teleporting" to the client. The client renders the particles then. There is no way fr the server to tell the client to render that particles. It's (again) client side.
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    Fuckkk really?
    Jesus, I have to say I've never heard of a game harder to modify than Minecraft.
    Well so in conclusion It's not possible to make my ideas work?
    Especially not with Minecraft.jar
    So should I make the opening message to my server or whatever say 'To see Herobrine properly download SpoutCraft?

    Also I downloaded SpoutCraft and it didn't work for me, but it works for my friends? Am I doing something wrong?
  15. That's the best error description ever. ;)

    What exactly isn't working? Error messages? Also this belongs to the spout thread. ;)
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    Couldn't the mod just send the client 'enderman is teleporting' although it's not an enderman?
    I've seen one of my friends client mods, It was a whole new skin to minecraft everything looked different. But Pig's had the enderman teleport?

    Also I have some reason to believe Herobrine was imported into Minecraft at one stage? Obviously he has been removed, but wouldn't someone be able to like uh. Find the deleted Herobrine coding?

    Oh ok, but umm. Herobrine was still a zombie, that's what I meant. Sorry.

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  17. You say it: It's a client mod. All the server tells to the client is: "Entity nr. XYZ teleports from X.Y.Z to X.Y.Z" if the clients detects this entity as enderman it uses the particles.
    Yes, it was. Some older Herobrine plugins used it. But as it's removed from the client it's not possible to add it back in without modifying the client.
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    Dammit! if I knew the modding process I would try my hardest no doubt. I don't mean to hate on the original Herobrine mod owner. I know he has tried really hard to make a good mod, But genuinely for the original Minecraft users it's a bad mod.
    For SpoutCraft users it's fine.
    Well besides the Cons I listed.

    Do you think Notch or whoever does that technical stuff at Mojang will ever make it possible to use things like Enderman teleportation animation on other mobs, create an entire mob and allow all people to see it correctly.

    Another question: You know Mo' Creatures? or More Creeps and Weirdo's mod?
    Well how the hell did they create mobs from scratch? Cuz you don't need a whole client like Spout to see it correctly? Surely they didn't just copy the files for the original animals and reskin them?
    Couldn't someone do the same thing those Developers did?
  19. Mo's creatures & Co are client mods. Surely somebody could do something like that, but it would be single player only. The whole idea behind spout is to provide a easy method to make such things easy usable in multiplayer. All the player needs is spoutcraft. No need to patch a dozen of (maybe incompatible) mods into the client + the server.
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    You have a point I'm not going to lie.
    Also do I have to install the Spout Version of the current mod to see him in Spout? or just the original? Because I currently have both :)
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    The enderman particles is a server effect. It can be used without endermen involved. So if I'm not misunderstanding you completely, it is quite possible.
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    Voila: http://minecraft.net/skin/Herobrine.png

    As long as the owner of that account doesn't change the skin, you're good.
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    OMG, Really?
    So is it possible? :D
  24. Yes, if you use this player as an NPC and give that NPC the abilitys of Herobrine. Quite a lot of coding would be required to do this and if that player ever decides to change the skin you're f*cked... ^^
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    Agreed. Haha, but, if I paid for that account, I'd never change my skin. Never.... But, for all I know Notch himself registered it, and is waiting for a bunch of unsuspecting plugin developers to use the skin, and then he'll do something trollish.
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    Let me dumb this down a bit for you, since you CLEARLY have no concept of the way Minecraft works.

    Lesson 1: Vocabulary
    Minecraft Client = The "Minecraft.exe" or "Minecraft.app" that you open to play minecraft.
    Minecraft Server = A program which allows separate Minecraft Clients to communicate and share data with each other.
    Client Mod = A modification to the Minecraft Client's built-in files, individual to each person.
    Server Mod = A modification to the Minecraft Server to send different data to the Minecraft Clients.

    Lesson 2: How a Client Connects to a Server
    1. The Client tells the server that a Player is logging in
    2. The Client tells the server the Player's name
    3. The server checks the Player's account on Minecraft.net to get the skin
    4. The Server puts the Player in a specific location (the Spawn Point, for example.)
    5. The Server tells the Client what blocks are in the chunks near the player
    6. The Client renders all blocks that the Server told it to render
    7. The Server tells the Client what entities are in the chunks near the player
    8. The Client renders all entities that the Server told it to render

    Lesson 3: Why this Limits the Possibilities of Server Mods
    Notice how the server can only TELL the client things. The Server does NOT show you blocks, the Server does NOT show you animals, the Server does NOT show you other Players. Everything you see and interact with is all inside the CLIENT. The reason the plugin called "Herobrine" works is because the Server is telling the Client that there is a Zombie at given location, and it tells the client that the Zombie is jumping at given height, and tells the Client all the things to do with the Zombie. The SKIN of the Zombie is stored INSIDE THE CLIENT. The Server does NOT tell the Client the skin to apply to the Zombie - The Client says "There is a Zombie there" and then the Client renders a Zombie model FROM THE CLIENT'S TEXTURE PACK. The Zombie also cannot do things that are not in the client, such as making his arms go down. If it is a Zombie, its a Zombie. The Client renders a Zombie as a creature with its arms pointing out.

    Final Lesson: Ways to Solve this Problem
    Here are some ways to solve the problem:
    - Create a texture pack with a Herobrine zombie skin. This will work with the Herobrine mod but will effect all zombies.
    - Create a client mod that makes all zombies look like Herobrine. This will also work with the Herobrine mod, however it will also effect all zombies.
    - Create a server mod AND a client mod, where the server mod tells the client to render a Herobrine model from the modded game's files. The players on your server will HAVE to download the client mod, drag the files into the unarchived Minecraft.jar, delete META-INF and all that stuff like a regular Mod. It will be a pain in the ass for the players on your server.
    - Create a plugin with Spout and Spoutcraft to do everything without any modding needed. :)

    In conclusion: http://spout.org/

    Hope you enjoyed :)
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    Well said, sah.
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    Why can't we just spawn a EntityPlayer with the name of Herobrine. The client will be told that there is a player called "Herobrine" here. The skin for account "Herobrine" will be downloaded from minecraft.net by the client. Oviously, if the skin for account herobrine changes, the plugin will break. The plugin can be coded to tell the EntityPlayer what to do, such as place blocks, swing arms, look at player. Perhaps we could use the movement coding of a enderman? We can maake the plugin reconnise a configurable altar being build, and spawn a EntityPlayer nearby. I am sure this is possible to make a plugin like this without SpoutCraft server or clientside.
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    For some reason, I wasn't tagged :p
    If you don't like those things, ask me to change them instead of complaining and not even bothering to notify me.

    V10lator is saying everything correctly. You can't just edit the client like that. And NPC AIs and path findings are just too complicated, buggy, and messy.
    That's an NPC, exactly from what we moved away from.
    1. Can't do that without client mods and NPCs just aren't worth the time and effort.
    2. I can change that, ask for god sakes.
    3. Okay, I can change that too.
    4. He did, and everybody complained about it. Your move.
    5. See number one.
    6. Umm, that's completely unrelated to the legends and you can't just "apply" another entities AI.
    7. See number four.
    8. For god sakes, there's an option right in configuration for that!
    9. See number 2.
    10. See number 3.
    11. See, the word "mysterious" means something else to everybody, I don't know your "mysterious".

    See what asking can do?
    • 4 of those were the same things.
    • 5 could just be solved by asking.
    • 1 could just be solved by reading the documentation.
    Mind if I reference this in the future? :p
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    No you don't, you give him the skin of the existing player: "Herobrine", he has the Herobrine skin.

    Yes it can, get your facts straight people!

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