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    Sorry if this doesn't belong in this section but I was just wonder if Snowleo is the creator of Essential GM?

    Today, I came on to my server and a guy with the user Snowleo came on saying that if he doesn't get op, he will remove my GM power. I didn't like the way he was demanding for OP so I banned him. Yes, I banned him BUT he wasn't banned! It said that the action can not be taken or something. So I searched his IP and banned the IP instead. Yet he was still able to get on. He also banned someone even though he isn't an OP. A few minutes later, he brought his friends over and the weird thing is that I can't ban them too.

    So really, what I want to know is if Snowleo is truly the creator of Essential GM or if the Snowleo that came on my server is real. If he isn't what should I do?

    The other reason why I don't trust him is because he was spamming using some hacking program and spammed like many messages.

    Thanks in advance.

    PS: If you're Snowleo and reading this thread, please reply so I can be sure that you aren't another guy trying to destroy the server. Our server name is LotsOBlawk.
  2. Are you running online-mode=false ?
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    Yes, it's offline so everyone can join. Are you Snowleo?
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    sounds like your server is offline and you were being trolled.

    Edit: ok people can join your server with anyname so it wasnt him and make it online
  5. No, I'm not Snowleo.
    If you're running offline then anybody can log in with whatever username they want. They can even log in with your username and screw up the server.
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    Oh, we have AuthMe also, I just want to know how is the guy able to get OP without me OPing him?

    Is he a wizard?
  7. Either you've got some permissions set up wrong or the real Snowleo put some auto-opping stuff in his plugin. (thats my guesses, it's probally something else)
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    There wasn't any problem with permission because the server has been up for a month now and we have no problem until Snowleo came on my server. After that, so many guest came on and Snowleo and his friends started spamming commands and banning people. The only thing I don't understand is why they can't be banned or why they aren't in the OP list?

    Nvm. So can anyone tell me how to solve this problem? Snowleo isn't replying to this thread either.

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    When running off-line mode, anything can happen. It's possible someone hacked the server with a fake name (or real?) and OP'd himself.

    In future I would recommend you turn the server to online mode
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