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    I need som help with essentials groupmanager

    when iam rank "newb" it want let me type "/help" isn't "- g:bukkit_default" all the commands for bukkit and /help is in bukkit right? and it says "you dont have permission for this command" also with the other stuff that are in "inheritance"
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    All the commands that regular players use (/help, /me, /tell, etc.) are given to players by default, you shouldn't need to assign them unless GroupManager has a strict mode and you have it turned on. Also, if you gave them all the commands for bukkit wouldn't that include /op and /gamemode?
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    bukkit_default does not allow the help command. Go look.

    Are you using Essentials?

    I see you are using Essentials, so you need to enable the Essentials commands, such as:

    Or you could use:

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    okey thanks
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