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    I am pretty new to bukkit
    My problem is that when i installed craftbukkit.jar i ran it without i made .bat
    so now do i not know how to close the server
    i cant run my normal server before this one has been closed
    I use Windows 7 home premium service pack 1
    my computer is 64 bit
    Please help! :)
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    Open up task manager and kill java.exe or javaw.exe. Or reboot your machine.
  3. Or you can /stop :)
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    where should i whrite /stop?

    i made it work by rebooting my pc
    Thanks! :)

    lol i have a new problem...
    when i open run.bat and i try to type it just closes on me :(

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    In the console.
    Don't instantly or force close your server unless you absolutely need too, as this can cause corrupted files/worlds and causing the world not to be saved properly.
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    While that is all great advice, he didn't have a console nor did he have somewhere to close the server. He accidentally double clicked on the jar which doesn't launch the server with a console. His choices were somewhat limited at that point.
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