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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Jack Daun, Mar 20, 2011.

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    Jack Daun

    Hi there guys,
    I have had a server set up at my school so everyone can play, the server software i have been using is MCadmin, everyone is used to it but I am going to switch to bukkit purely out of the fact that it has more capabilities. but sadly at the moment I am having trouble setting the server up in a way that everyone likes, If someone could tell me some useful plugins to get (that won't conflict) and ones that will replicate most or all of MCadmin's commands, So basicly the essential plugins for making a good server, I would also like to figuire out how to use permissions as it is quite confusing to me at the moment [creeper].
    Any help would be greatly appreaciated.
    Have a nice day,


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    if ur on mac use ServerHelper otherwise I have no idea how to do PC setup.
    Use WorldEdit, WorldGuard, LWC, Permissions, iChat, iConomy, and MCDocs.
    Those work fine for me.
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    To set up Permissions, you use the Permssions NOdes that plugins provide. ExamPle: commandbook.kit.kits.starter this allows the player to use the /kit starter command (commandbook plugin). Essentials has nodes like this, just look for the essentials permissions on there wiki. If your server is just a private server, than you really don't need any anti grief plugins. Just look through the plugins and find what you need.
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