Help with people connecting to my server.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Snowhacker7, Aug 4, 2013.

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    I just set up a bukkit server, my version was 1.5.2 the recommended build and I could make it successfully that I could get on the server but when I give the IP to my friend's all of them say that they get the can't reach server error even if they have 1.5.2.

    These are my server properties, and I did set up UDP and TCP ports, I have verizon fios.


    How do I fix my server so all my friends can connect to it?
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    Remove your local IP, so that the line is exactly
    and nothing after the = !
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    Okay, I will remove it but will people still connect with address of or will I need to use a different one?
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    so I have to change online mode to false?
    How will people then connect?

    Okay people can connect but none of the commands work for them even after listing thier names in admin and ops.

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    If your friends use cracked minecraft then yes, you need to change online mode to false.
    Did you edit the ops.txt?
    Or did you use /op?
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    Snowhacker7 you should not have to set online mode to false aslong as you port forward and get your routwer ip to give to the conecting players it should work
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    My bad, I meant to quote the minecraftwiki comment on server-ip, not online-mode...
    So this is why you should not put an IP for server-ip
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    Thanks, I fixed it and now people can come on my serv.
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