Problem/Bug Help with Multiverse Nether Portals

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Speak2Erase, Aug 23, 2020.

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    Ok. I'm trying to set up a server using multiverse to manage a few of my worlds, so I can have a creative world, a survival world, and a super flat world under one server. It works fine, however, when I try and use nether portals in any of the worlds, it didn't work. I went ahead and installed
    The plugin loaded fine, with no issues. I went ahead and linked up all the worlds with their nether and end equivalents, and whenever I enter a portal, the server crashes. My guess is it has to do with 1.16 changing the way nether portals work. Nobody else seems to have posted about this, and the plugin was last updated a year ago.
    I'm not too good with debugging bukkit plugins (I can just about figure out how to fix most of the issues I encounter) but this one is beyond my capabilities.
    Is there any alternatives I can use? Any way to fix this?

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