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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Codygreen363, Apr 30, 2013.

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    So i have setup my MySql Server and it seems i configured things right but LogBlock just doesn't connect to the MySql Server. MySql runs on the same machine as the minecraft server is so i bind the ipv4 in mysql config, Heres my LogBlock and MySql Configuration

    mysql config:
    logblock config:
    If i am doing anything wrong here please tell me :) Also should i have used LAN to bind instead of ipv4?
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    Check to see if your MySQL prefix is correct.
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    I may sound stupid here, and i know what "prefix" means but how exactly do i check my mysql prefix? Or does this have something to do with it?[​IMG]
    Sorry i have never used mysql before, I'm trying really hard to understand it.
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    I'm stupider. I have no idea what MySQL is, but the common problem is the prefix.
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    Thanks for the help anyway, i'm going to keep trying some things until i get this MySQL stuff figured out.
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    No need to do that, if a program is running on the same machine (Like MySQL and minecraft in this case), you should either use 'localhost' or the computers local IP (192.168.*.* / 10.0.*.*)

    Also, can we please have the startup log as it probably shows the error and reason as to why you can't connect.
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