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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by SixFeedUnder, Oct 14, 2015.

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    Hello, I have coded a plugin called CommandPotions and it allows you to get potion effects on a command and i recently added permissions to it and for some reason when I do /help CommandPotions when I am not opped nothing shows up but when I am opped it shows all the help messages, Can someone please help me fix this?>

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    How about you code the help command yourself ?
    PS: check if a sender is not a player before you check if the command is right so it will cancel bofore it can execute a command :3
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    Don't overwrite the base help command, unless you seriously have to.
    @NortherKnight @SixFeedUnder

    More than likely this is a permissions issue.
    Are the commands permission-locked? If so, do you have the permission when not opped?
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    No I do not have any permissions when im not opped, there should not be a permission to view the help when Im not opped, and I would rather not make a new help command.
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    The permissions are for the commands themselves.
    Do players need a certain permission to use the /haste command, for example?

    EDIT: Saw your plugin.yml.

    The reason they're not being listed is you don't have the permission to use those commands when de-opped
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    Yeah I want it like that, So how would I still list the commands when they do /help CommandPotions? I want players to be able to see the commands but not execute them unless they have the permissions, Would I just need to make my own help command?
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    create a subcommand under yours
    "/commandpotions help"

    And handle it from there, just like you would any other of your commands
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    I'm pretty sure he didn't want to Override it.. Maybe just make a command like: "/commandpotions", then a lost would appear like this maybe:
    Usage: /commandpotions (potion) (level)
    Available Potions:
    - Strength (1/2)
    - Speed (1/2/3)

    With colors and such.
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    @Scimiguy Doesn't really matter if you override the default help page. Better if you want to make a fancier/custom one.
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