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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by GhostHunter, Oct 2, 2012.

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    Hey guys. Im having trouble with factions Screen Shot 2012-10-03 at 1.01.53 PM.png thats my problem when someone with or without a prefix isn't in a faction there is a gap. Example? Look at the screenshot. Someone Please help. Also I'm using essentials chat as my plugin for chat.

    (P.S) The No Gap With [Owner]DJGamesMc is because i haven't edited it in pex file.


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    Tell you what, Make a backup of all your server stuff, then remove factions. Run it again and try to chat, If the problem persists, It is not factions, If it does not persist, I would send a ticket to the Factions dev, then you have your backup with all your cool stuff and everything.
    Also try updating your craftbukkit/factions to the latest build? chances are your problem has already been solved.
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    We have better integration available for EssentialsChat; you should read the user guide.
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    its on a friends server we have the latest Essentials and Factions and Bukkit. and we even added in the essentials config format: '<[FACTION] {DISPLAYNAME}> {MESSAGE}'
    instead of format: '<{DISPLAYNAME}> {MESSAGE}'
    So can someone please help me out here.
    I juse wanna fix the Gap Before the prefix

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