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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Cody Boker, Apr 20, 2011.

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    Cody Boker

    Hello there.

    Enter UnitedEarth:

    I've decided to create a RPG plugin of sorts have 4 various classes each having certain types of skills that would assist a different class. The classes I have come up with are the following:
    Farmer, Knight, Miner, Woodsman
    These would be the Trades that are created.
    Those seem to be the basic classes/activities that a person on a minecraft server would play. I would like to have restrictions on all of them so that, let's say the Knight wanted some Cobblestone to build a house. He very well could do this task, however there would be a percentage that he could not get any cobblestone or only 1, as well as it would take him longer to destroy a block rather then that of the miner.
    So a "trade" is made between the Knight and the Miner, the Knight will destroy the dungeon that the Miner has found and the Miner will give him Cobblestone. World is a t peace right?
    Well testing will only prove but this is the basic concept I want to go with so far.

    Only problem is that I am unfamiliar with the Bukkit API as well as overriding the methods in order to edit the drops of blocks, or even editing the speed at which they are destroyed. I need just a small hook to how to either override these methods, send them a different percentage of drops, or as I think I read, cancelling drop event and replacing it with my own.

    There are other things I would also like maybe just a small hook for:
    • How to relate an event to a specific Trade (Farmer, Miner, etc)
    • How to relate a player to his/her own Trade
    • Restrictions on block break speed
    • Restrictions on block drops percentage wise
    • Detection of enemy mobs in area
    • How to make a Trade more adapt at certain Tools, two for the first implement of the plugin
    I'll post more about the details of each problem if neccessary or even more about the plugin. I have already done research on these problems and have found solutions but I never seem to understand what to code entirely.
    Thank you for reading my post. Have a Nice Day.
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