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  1. I'm looking for people who would like to help with a project, which has the goal of improving the multiplayer game, and the standards of servers. This would be in the form of either a modpack, a plugin series, a server jar, an optional combination of mods and plugins, or a single jar plugin which can install all of the plugins in the pack.

    Going further in depth, here is more detail...

    Aim of the project (open)

    I and quite a few other players have felt like the game has decreased in quality or fun in more ways than it should have. By this I do not mean just the updates; there has been a large increase in hackers and hacks are now more advanced, servers are now very particular and rarely suit a wide variety of players, or are poorly run staffhunter servers with a slathering of plugins; server lists have become old and stale and often the "best" servers on the list are just the ones that pay to get on the top list (by providing pay-to-win donation perks). The updates some players feel have shifted away from what has made the game fun or flexible; updates since Notch resigned have split players rather than being updates that almost everyone likes and agrees make the game better.

    The aim of this project is to provide improvements for multiplayer in as many ways as is reasonable. This could expand or possibly be influenced by you, but right now I am thinking:

    • Provide fixes or improvements suiting all server types, that fix the most common/serious multiplayer issues (such as hacks, x-ray mods or texture packs, bad players, profanity)
    • Help reduce hassle by server owners, who may find that they need to know too much just to run a stable and decent server without hackers and go on a hunt for a dozen plugins (they often end up resorting on other players to set up the server, get plugins, configure them and manage permissions)
    • Encourage more servers that want to focus on the core part of the game, by providing more features or options to keep it interesting or solve dilemmas, and help encourage a wider variety of survival servers that suits more types of players (both peaceful solo/friends survival players and challenge survivalists alike)
    • Add new, interesting optional additions and mechanics to the game that most people will like, without compromising the simplicity or flexibility of the game (*cough* recent updates *cough*)

    Types of plugins (open)

    There would be generally three types of plugins in this pack: technical plugins/fixes, command-based plugins (like claiming, forming player groups, or managing permissions), and then additions/game features. The additions/features could possibly include mods or what is essentially better updates to the game.

    If you are interested in helping, please comment here and (ideally) say a bit more about why you'd like to help or what kind of knowledge/skill you have in pluginmaking. I will share my contact with you after that, or if it is really needed for further discussion.
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    Did you tried Paper?
  3. I've taken a look at PaperSpigot, most of what it is is internal optimizations and lag reduction features. This isn't mainly what the project is about- it's more about affecting the game :)
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    Regarding plugins that makes the game more fun, without changing it a lot, you can make something like

    The problem of that version is that is very old and it doesnt support worldguard if I remember well. I used to play with it some years ago in one of my servers and it was really fun!
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