[HELP] will this vps run bukkit smoothly?

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how much ram are you running

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    hi guys,
    before I ran a bukkit server on a VPS that had 2gb total ram(with burst) and that ran fine, but had some errors (time ran backwards, and server too busy), and with a few peaple it slowly started lagging.
    now after a month or two I wanna give it another go but this time i will do it right. my eye caught this site: http://www.buildyourvps.com/unmanaged.html

    I wanted to choose an 8GB VPS, 10gb storage(enough for just bukkit i think), ubuntu 9.10, 250gb/m bandwith(also enough i guess)
    now I wasn`t quite sure if this was good, and also had my doubt`s about the OS, there is choice of these, but as seen to having experience with ubuntu that would be my first choice.
    these OS`s are supported:
    centOS 4/5
    debian 5/6
    fedora 11-14
    suse 11.3/11.4
    and some ubuntu versions, I always had 9.10 but I don`t know if that`s good, or there`s something better.

    let me know

    grz LudeKo
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    1) Please provide info on how many users you expect.
    2) Ubuntu 9.10? Forget it. 10.04 or later, server edition.
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    I don`t have I number i`m expecting, just hoping for it to grow in time, don`t expect more than 3-6 @ same time though.
    thanks about the info on the OS.

    ubuntu 10.4, 10.10 and 11.04 is available, which of these OS`s would you recommend?

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    When I ran on a VPS I found that at a certain point (around 15 users) the server became CPU bound instead of memory bound. I think I had 3GB of RAM dedicated to my VPS.
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    Daniel Heppner

    The time ran backwards thing has much more to do with processor than RAM. Also, I'd recommend Debian. That's just my choice.
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