Help! Which Rank/Group plugin is better? Group Manager or Permissions EX?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by SwagTasticBiH, Jan 11, 2013.

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    I need to know which plugin is better Group manager or permissions ex based on peoples opinions and how good they work and the usefullness of them. Im good at setting up ranks so no problem with that but just which one is more useful/better?
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    GM is easier in my opinion
  3. It's a matter of opinion really. I've used and love PermissionsEx because it's familiar to me and very easy to use.
  4. Do you use complex world specific group-inheritance setups? Do you need many permission changes to be performed frequently? Do you need high performance for permission queries (specifically not present perms)? What storage do you want to use for permissions (disk, database)?

    If you have such questions or topics, you might get closer to an answer, checking out which plugin can support that best, slowly.

    If you don't have any such questions and you only want some simple groups to be valid everywhere, and occasionally assign groups to players... about any permissions plugin would do, it would rather be a question of the look-and-feel and how good you understand their documentation.

    I kept using PEX because i wanted the per-player database storage and also the complex group setups were well supported, assigning optional parameters to groups, commands for all sorts of manipulations to the permissions. Performance-wise PEX seems to have been quite good throughout the recent past. Initially i chose it for the transition from Permissions (2.x) to something newer, because for some plugins we needed the compatibility features of PEX back then. I always check if plugins start up, and if i changed the permission file manually, would also check the logs for reloading to prevent havoc for the case of errors. Using in-game commands and a database also avoid some other trouble (editing yml, disk full data loss...), though databases are not needed for most setups, a single file would give a better overview.
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    I love PermissionsEx. Once you learn it, it is one of the easiest things you could do with plugins :)
  7. I prefer PermissionsEX, I have used both oh them.

    It's up to you, They are both the same pretty much, GM is a bit easier to use but not by much.
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    this thread is all about opinion?
    also, the spreadsheet isnt opinion.
  9. I've used PEX since it came out, I love it.
  10. It's a matter of the OP's opinion. If he wants to look for every single flaw in a plugin like a pedant, leave that to him.

    Also yes, this thread is based on peoples opinions:

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    Thanks for the opinions guys, I tested out PEX and its not very good in my opinion, it gave every group all the permissions /op etc. So GM plugin better for me
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    GroupManager definatly
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    I know this forum is inactive but i would reccomend pex I use groupmanager and it supports about 1/2 of the plugins that pex supports like I can't get a actual /rankup plugin with groupmanager since none support that plugin.
  15. Why would you even bump something this old?
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    as i told you before, this is a problem with the rank up plugin itself, and happens with all permission plugins. you could choose any other ranking plugin such as masterpromote and ontime. bumping a 7 months old topic due to your rankup plugin error is not something you should do either.
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    GM then i went to Pex And Still using it
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