[Help] What kinda server specs I need, are the ones I have good enough?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Insidiea, Jun 21, 2011.

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    Since I'm not really familiar how much Bukkit consumes raw power, I need to ask you guys in your experience with it. I currently have 1 Dedicated server, hosts one minecraft server.
    CPU: Core 2 Duo E4800 (2.2GHz)
    Memory: DDR2 1GB@ 800MHz
    HDD: 80GB IDE (Ill install a 320GB SATA II HDD, but will it help?)

    Now I could upgrade the server for 4GB of ram, and a nice SATA HDD- ( I already have) for around 30 bucks. OR if I can go a step further, I don't like investing in old technology, Especially DDR2 being as, It's slower at a ripoff price, I could get something along the lines:
    CPU: PHENOM II X4 840 3.2GHz (I would probably overclock this badboy to 4GHz, mabye even 4.2, I usually like to 1GHz overclocks, But since it will be on always I don't wanna stress it)

    Memory DDR3 6GB @ 1333MHz (I already have)
    HDD 320GB SATA II or 2x80GB SATA II RAID 0 (I would have to purchase)

    for around $100 or $150 with the RAID 0 setup.

    When I used to pay 30 dollars a month for 1GB of ram, and probably a 1GHz cpu from servercraft.co, there was no lag, But then again, they were using a RAID 0 config.

    What my minecraft server needs:
    35 slots (20 people usally on)
    Has to keep up with logblock, iconomy, and mcmmo, (optional) live map, I would really like it, I'd be using banana map render, and players generating chunks.

    Should I go for the simple 30 dollar RAM budget, or go the $100 dollar way, if the 100 dollar way, will minecraft use all of that power? Would you guys recommend any tricks to speed up the config I have now?

    Oh and BTW, the servers aren't being used for anything else but minecraft, power and internet plugged into them, and thats all.

    Thanks alot,

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    Not really a fan of 1GB. I picked an offer of a 2GB "20 Slot server", thing is I was only able to hold around 10-12 because of the RAM usage of my plugins. Since Plugins often stack, like MultiVerse and iConomy and what not.
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    I actually have to RMA 1GB of ram, So i could do it for nothing to little
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    4 Gb is kinda overkill for 20 people :p 2 Gb should be enough. Don't pay for stuff you wont ever need ^^
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    What about the CPU?
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    Good luck overclocking 840 to 4GHz. I have hard time getting x4 970BE 100% stable at 4GHz, and I can't get it stable at 4.2GHz. If you want extreme overclocking, get i5 2500k or i7 2600k and a great cooling system. These bad boys can be easily overclocked to 4.5GHz or better.
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    I have a Q9550 (Intel quad core 12MB cache) overclocked to 4GHz, But I understand that all chips are different, So I guess i'd have to play with it.

    EDIT: Also what MB are you using and cooler?
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    Tbh my first bukkit server was using an pentium 4 and it didn't lag for 15 people, that was with 1,5 GB ram, so really you need to try it out.
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    Lol i used to use a pentium 4 with 512mb RAM, hosted 13 people
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    Yeah, some stuff is just overkill. I doubt anyone will notice the difference between an 3.0 Ghz i7 and an 4.0 Ghz i7 with a minecraft server
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    Yeah main part is I just needa know the right RAM size for me

    Also what operating system would you guys recomend, Ubuntu?, XP?

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    Ubuntu (or any distro. of Linux) will be better for hosting the server since it uses much less RAM than Windows.
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    I had 45 people on a Core 2 duo, same clockspeed as yours. I had 4 gigs of ram though, and I ran my world in ramdisk.
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    A server hosting sites like brohoster says 2gb is rccomended for up to 64 people, while servercraft says it's up to 32 people...I'm having a hard time believing that.
    What really IS the truth abouth how many gigabytes of RAM are best for say... 30 players online? Taking into consideration that I'd have a good few plugins like multiverse, McMMo, permissions Iconomy, Herochat and stuff like that?
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    How is your mcmmo, Mine eats up the cpu and glitches with player stats.
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    I haven't gotten to set it up yet. =C
    I'm having issues installing and configuring any of them x_x
    But I'm talking theoretically, IF i had them.
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