Help update plugins Cant save data on plugin updates?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by qwertykiller1289, Jan 9, 2012.

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  1. So I know this info is probably somewhere answered on the forum but whatever. so when I go to my bukkit_update folder and I see available updates i was just wondering how to update a plugin without losing data on the current version. for example I have Citizens I update by doing it the same way I installed the original but when I reloaded my server all of my npc's were gone. so just wondering if there is a way to update without losing data. Thanks for your time.
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    You just need to update the .jar file, do not overwrite or upload and configuration files :)
  3. how to i do that
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    1. shut down server and extract this plugins to temp folder for example to desktop

    2. and than make backup copy of the same plugins and their folders from bukkit\plugins

    3. than remove that plugins and folders from bukkit\plugins folder (but only if you are sure you did that backup)

    4. than copy new downloaded extracted plugins and folders from that temp folder you made in step 2. and paste them to bukkit\plugins folder

    5. start your server and let the plugins crate their folders and files

    6. chceck if the files and content of updated plugins match files and content of old plugins in backup folder

    if yes you can shut down server and copy FOLDERS from backup to bukkit\plugins folder so you got your settings back again

    if not you need to configure them again < but most part its minimal changes like for example for me only worldguard changed once and essentials changed way it saves motd from config file to separate file and just needed to cut my motd from config file and paste it to that new file

    for 99% of time after yo can just shut down the server extract plugins and put them directly in to the bukkit\plugins folder but sometimes plugin config can change and than you can have erros so just in case make all steps
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    So would this work if I was updating from 1.5.2 to 1.6 craftbukkit?
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