Help! Trying to find out how to do this

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Semirotta, Jul 23, 2013.

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    It is called a HUD (Heads Up Display). It can be created by starting a repeating task (probably every 5 seconds) and send a series of messages. I made a plugin to do this, I may be putting it on Github soon.
  2. Is your plugin in your plugins list here at bukkit? :confused: id love to test it and perhaps use it at my server. Also i dont think it would work like that, it would clear the chat too... This one did not clear the chat , it kept the chat while kept updating the stats and experience.
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    Wait. Never moves? Are the stats updated in that position? I would agree with chase that it's a HUD spam but... that statement got me.

    This is a Bukkit server, right?
  4. Yes this is Bukkit server. and yes the stats stay updated in the same position. Chat messages do change
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    And when you scroll through chat, there isn't a bunch of message spam from the HUD, yes?
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    Semirotta not on the plugins list, but I did make a video on it:
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  7. There is only the sent messages in chat and the stats / experience stays (not duplicated) basically the stats and experience is kind of "separated" from the chat but still same in the chat.

    No it is not like that. That just spams the chat there it wont do that.
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    As a matter of fact, that's exactly how it's done. There is no way to edit pre-existing chat.
  9. Ok, friend of mine just said it doesnt update and the chat shows exactly like it is sent (the messages). The stats stay always on top and the chat moves under it just normally ...
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    Is your friend using a vanilla client?
  11. I think so, no mods.
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    Well I'm stumped.
  13. So am I, friend of mine dissappeared from Skype so i cannot ask him any more questions, do not absolutely know for sure if the chat isnt updated like you showed me but i'll ask him and return to this topic. I will tag you when i get respond from friend.

    chasechocolate never mind, we figured out how to do it. It is exactly HUD spam thingie :D but yah, it wasn't nothign that special. :) Just wanted to ask here if someone knew about it;D this is resolved.

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    That Looking at... scoreboard was pretty cool. Will you release anything that contains that?
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    But how is working the hud, can someone help me with that?
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