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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Hineeko, Mar 30, 2015.

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    First sorry for my english i'm not a good.

    Now i need help. I have create any group with groupmanager(plugin) for some permission in server

    Example i want to set A.Group use A.Sign ONLY and A.Group can't use B.Sign
    Question i want to ask what's plugin can do that? set permission to use only one group other group can't use if not have permission

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    in your code u could actually add player.haspermission and add the right things for config while with permissions and things. not quite sure but search up how u make a permission for ur a group sign and b sign
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    Your coding needs work look what i would do, for example if i wanted my Prison A group to be able to warp to /warp a
    and not to /warp b, i would just do:
    - essentials.warps.a
    prefix: 'A'
    suffix: ' '
    make sure the "A" group does NOT inherit anything besides what you want it to, a cannot inherit b.
    please post your groups and perms so i can see if you did anything wrong.
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