Help! [SEVERE] Reached end of stream for IP

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by niktoon, Aug 11, 2013.

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    im having this problmes with my new server, those IPs are people trying to enter the server and the can't?
    help me please, sorry my bad english

    i also have this problem "[INFO] Disconnecting trnshy IP: Outdated client"

    im having a bug or something like that, i'll tell you what happened, i was waiting for someone to connect the server and i was alone in the server, but this [INFO] appears

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    1. Did you portforward? Maybe they are trying to join but can't because you did not portforward?
    2. The second error is just saying that the player "trenshy" tried to connect with an outdated client e.g 1.5.2
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    my ip doesn't use ports, its:
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    Delete both of them portfowards.
    The "Start Port Number" is ment to be 25565
    The "End Port Number" is also ment to be 25565
    Along with Start Port(Local) and End Port(Local)
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    Is it a player that tries to join like every second?
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    nothing changes

    i think a lot of people can't enter because of this problem, help me please
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    The "END OF STREAM" problem is like a "ping" from a minecraft client, or if something is having a bad connection.
    When it says "Outdated client" it's because they are using an other version of minecraft, then the server has.

    More about end of stream:
    If you (in the client) click at "refresh" a bunch of times, you will see that at some point you can't connect to the server. But every time someone clicks the refresh button, the "End of stream" will pop up in the server console.
    If this is happening when the owner of the IP (the player) is on the server, it's simply because it has taken a long time since the player has made an answer to the server. Could be a bad connection for either the server or the client.
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    Nothing to worry about. Probably just someone in his/her server list refreshing stuff. Or some voting site checking if you're up (although that seems unlikely since it's almost every second :confused:)
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    This is in fact what it is. I've traced some of these IP's. Some IP address are also from players refreshing their server lists. Ever since 1.6 these messages have been coming up a bit to often...
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