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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Zethzer, Jan 17, 2011.

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    Perhaps that was already asked but I do not find it on the forum. With friends, we wish to have a little LAN server, only LAN. Without any Internet access. By using CraftBukkit, we did saw the option: online-mode. Thusn we did put it as “False”, which allowed us to access the server BUT only for only one and single player who was called : "Player". If another person logs in, it is connected as “Player”, which instantly disconnect the first person logged. I guess "Player" is the default name on the offline mode. (When clicking on “Play offline”)

    My question is: Is there an option which I would not have seen to manage the names of users? Or if not, did someone have created a plug-in doing it? I would letting you know that I know nothing in Java yet.

    It is not the good section for what follows but:

    I'd like to make a plug-in request for CraftBukkit about making the offline mode to work. I'm explaining :
    It would verify if a player isn't already connected via its local IP adress. If the name is the same but the adress isn't, we could (for example) add a number next to the name.

    Example :
    -Server is created.
    -Someone logs in as "Player" (obviously) with the adress 192.168.12
    -Someone else log in. Name="Player", Adress="". Its adress differs from the one currently connected, but the name is the same. => renaming the second player as "Player(2)"
    -And so on.

    This, counting on the fact that NO Internet is accessible at the moment, so the game is launched via the "Play offline" option (hence the default "Player" name). It would be LAN exclusive, so the players IRL would be able to talk without any problem => their names ingame is not important.

    Of cousre, that could be improved by letting the user choose its name. Maybe via another plug-in ? But that's not mandatory.

    I hope I've been as clear as possible. Thanks for reading this request.
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    Hmm, there is a thing called minecraf_name.jar, that allows you to change your offline minecraft name. Im not sure if this is legal thou...
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    Hi ^^

    I'm sorry but what's "minecraft_name.jar" ? I don't find this file in my minecraft folder :/

    (And i was buy the game in alpha version and my friends too ^^ )
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    EDIT: Oh I see, I wouldnt post that here, minecraft_name.jar is possibly illegal and/or against the rules :S
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    Mmmm :/ And with a legal method? ^^'
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