HELP: Server Crashing

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Thunder Peel, Feb 5, 2012.

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    Thunder Peel

    Everything was running fine 'til my puppy stepped on the power switch (the emergency thing laying in the floor) and it shut down my computer WITH my server RUNNING.
    Upon restarting it, there is a constant error that scrolls and goes infinitely and crashes the server.
    Here is the picture:

    I need help ASAP.
    I can't run the server until this is fixed!
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    Nathan C

    Yeeeap, your map is corrupted. *Evil smile about real datacenter servers having redundant power*

    Use chunkster to fix it or get a backup.
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    Seems like an Chunk error because of the server wouldnt be able to save the Chunks before shutdown.
    Try out some Chunkster Magic. Search in this forum, there is a Thread with many insta Solutions aswell.

    /edit: Nathan C was faster :p
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    Thunder Peel

    Yeah I was about to edit and say I found chunkster. <3
    Now I have massive lag...
    Any solutions eh?

    Okay, lag is gone after just letting it run for a while while being logged in. <3
    Case closed, thanks guys!

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    I'd use a backup plugin. I used to have the same problems. Try this plugin.
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