Help Selling Plots?!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by MRstrategy, May 28, 2014.

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    So, I don't need to know how to sell regions.
    What I do is i take the region I want to sell, in this case, "MarketPlot1" and I create a Serversign next to it (A plugin that allows you to add unlimited commands to signs) so then what I'd do is type
    /svs add eco take <player> 75000
    That^ then makes sure when they click the sign they'll be deducted 75k.
    Now, in order for the region to then be theirs I do
    /svs add region addmember MarketPlot1 <Player>
    That should then allow them to be added access to that region correct?
    So, I deoped myself to test it, and what I found was, I have a
    __global__ flag to deny building so they can't destroy the outer area, though when I was added as a member to the MarketPlot1 I still could not build. I also cannot set the region's flag to build allow because then even people who haven't baught it would be able to build on it. Can someone please explain how I can make it so that players can't destory the marketplots until they buy them? Please help! I've tried searching but can't find much! Thanks in advanced.

    ~MrStrategy, Owner of the HerowynCraft (Pre-Alpha) server
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