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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by BlueMond416, Jun 26, 2012.

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    I am making a plugin and am wondering if every item has it's own id. I'm not talking about the id that classifies which item is which. For example: Bob has a diamond pickaxe but Bob Jr. also has a diamond pickaxe. Bob's diamond pickaxe's special id = 0 Bob Jr.'s diamond pickaxe's special id = 1

    Edit: If so how does one get that id?
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    That sounds like an interesting plugin. But I think there would be a problem when a player discards a 'special id item' from their inventory and gives it to someone else.

    I am not sure how you would do the coding for this plugin either. I'll have my friend take a look at this.

    Sorry I couldn't help you.
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    you would have to listen to everything that ever enters and leaves every players inventory and save/delete them from storage. best way to store em would be in a database. when you save em to storage, give it a unique id, and when you delete on discard or death, delete the item that has that id from the database.

    (edit) i have to say though, that's going to be a VERY complicated database, not as easy as save item, delete item. what happens when a player has 10 stacks of logs? thats 640 records! how do you know which record to delete when the player places the item?
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    Only maps have that sort of ID, and you do it through ItemStack.getDamage().
  5. I think you also forgot wool, log, dye, wooden plank, steps, stair
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