(HELP) PvP and more, not working - /w plugin list

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Develio13, Feb 2, 2012.


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    I'm creating a 256 Player server with 4 worlds (I call them realms) and a key feature I aim to have functional before launch is PvP (The only safe area is land you own via the Residence plugin) which is an incentive to earn virtual money (or donate to get virtual money).

    As an over-analysis sort of person, I like feedback to improve myself; so you can help me better and I can help you; so feel free to vote on the poll I have attached.

    When in-game the PvP doesn't work, I can hit anyone with a weapon / or fists and no damage is dealt; same for all my testers.

    I currently have the following plugins installed, I have plans for a couple more in the future.
    • AuthMe (used to login / prevent account hijackers - example: David log's onto his sisters computer and gives away her gold ore)
    • bPermissions (we don't want everyone being an admin, that would be silly)
    • Dynmap (so people can find their properties / land or friends)
    • Essentials (for warp's, spawns, weather and more)
    • iConomy (a reason to stride forward and play the game)
    • mcMMO (earning those ability's make's it more rewarding)
    • Minequery (extract data from the server to our website)
    • MoneyDrop (reward players for killing highly skilled enemy's)
    • MonsterApocalypse (gives zombies & creepers some brains, no more weak monsters.)
    • MultiVerse 2.2-AB (256 players would get crowded without multiple worlds - realms)
    • NoLagg (buffers blocks and well... prevents lag)
    • Residence (allows people to buy land which protects their work, chests, doors etc)
    • Vault (iConomy compatibility for other plugins)
    • Votifier (reward players with in-game currency for voting on a sever listing website)
    • WorldEdit (makes life easier when repairing the ground from creeper explosions)
    I've checked the following to no-avail:
    • Essentials PvP is set to allow with permission node, in bPermissions for all players.
    • MultiVerse world settings are set to allow PvP
    • Residence is set to not allow PvP in player owned area's
    I also notice some other problems which crept up since the latest build of Minecraft 1.1 (Bukkit 1.1-R3) which include's when a single person goes to bed, it turns to day (should not happen) and ChestShop stopped working; the signs don't do anything at all.

    I removed ChestShop 3 for the moment, but it will be a requirement before I launch it.

    -> Their is two methods I can provide for someone to assist me with this problem:
    • You can provide useful information which I may be missing like editing a file / missed a plugin which could cause the problem.
    • I can provide full remote access to the machine, for those with a credible forum reputation (a backup of my server will be made, for personal security should anything happen and connection details sent via a PM)
    I'd be very grateful for any help provided, and can't wait to get the server up and running; it's going to be huge! one of the largest online, of course donations will be required to cover the huge operating costs.

    I look forward to hearing from you, and should you need any extra information to help me; please let me know straight away, I'm using linux | not the common noob :-D I even wrote my own .NET server connection system; log's players directly into the server.
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    Did you set the pvp in the yml to true?
    Should look like this:
    pvp: true
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    Yes, essentials and Multiverse yml's have pvp: true configured. This is why I'm really confused :/ tried everything I can think of.
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    So everything is configured to make pvp on but it isn't working?

    PM me the server IP and I'll check it out.
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    Yeah everything is configured to allow PvP according to my knowledge, just went through and double checked everything again.

    I made an adjustment to essentials and set pvp: false (it says in the writing that enabling it prevents pvp, so might be the reason; might just be catching people like me off guard. - hopefully)

    The server IP is: XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX

    Update: The PvP problem has been resolved :)

    Setting pvp: false in essentials and removing the permissions node resolved it.

    Cheers for the help Travja, wouldn't have thought about looking at the file again; until you asked about it being set to true :D

    -> Server IP now removed.

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