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    need help with groupmanager and chat (aka essentialChat and more)
    hi guys can someone help me?im using groupmanager for my ranks and permissions but a litttle bit of it is screwed up like when i moved one of my friends ABCS7 into the co-owner group it just said &7[Co-Owner] [ABCS7] for some reason and when i go into the member group i cant build and barely do any commands can someone help me with the building?because i think i know how to do the perms but also the chat like im trying to setup the group-formats but i really cant well i managed to do some like it says &7[Guest] {DISPLAYNAME} &7{MESSAGE} but im not sure how to do all of them like i tried and do alot of my groups into the group-formats like i did for head-owner (the highest rank i am in like owner) {WORLDNAME}{FACTION}{DISPLAYNAME}:&6&0&n&l{MESSAGE} and when i type it just says &o[L] [BOBO] **XtXnations &4&o&l[Head-&0&lOwner]:&6&o&n&lhi so im not sure how to remove the &o[L] but i want to get a channel plugin and delete essentialsChat like i want to delete essentialsChat and get kitsunechat,staffchat,mychat,or herochat im not sure which one to get so i won't have to use essentialsChat im pretty sure i didnt make sense but please if this makes sense PLEASE HELP ME!
    bukkit account name:dariwuz
    minecraft server name:DevilCraft
    ip:message me to help me
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    so basically, you have 3 issues:
    1. member cant build - please paste your groups.yml
    2. [L] tag showing up - did you enable local chat?
    3. group formats- paste your config.yml of essentials.
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