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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Kraethor, Jun 3, 2011.

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    Is there a reference somewhere on how to set up permissions for a server only running Minecraft 1.6.6, CraftBukkit #818 , and Permissions 3.1.2? Every forum I can find, people are yelling about not being able to set up Permissions with the 5-10 other plugins they put on a new server... I only want the basics first, then I will expand into other plugins. (Unless, of course, you need at least one more plugin to even have meaningful permissions.)

    Is there a way to control the Minecraft op privileges without more plugins?

    I have found more examples than I care to mention on permissions for Essentials, WorldEdit, WorldGuard, etc... (Cool plugins, sure, but they're not on my server yet) How about the basics?

    Right now I have 3 groups (and they all work great) Default, Build, and Admin.
    Default is my default group without build rights.
    Build has build rights. (Yeah, I know... Duh.) :)
    Admin has '*' for permissions.

    I would like to add a Moderators (or Mods) group and let them do SOME of the standard op commands, but not all.


    Thanks to RoGER.ONeill and Phaedrus in this post, I think I got my answer... I need another plugin, like AdminCmd or DefaultPermissions.

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