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Discussion in 'General Help' started by noseynose03, Nov 29, 2014.

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    Hello Bukkit. I am creating a new Hub server called Ferarium. It has Mini Games, Prison, Factions, And Sky Wars. I recently ran into a problem. How can I host it? I want to start by hosting on my PC, but now i'm thinking I can't, considering I need multiple servers hosted, and my computer could just barely hold up a factions server with 33 plugins, and a player base of 10. Does anyone know of a (preferred) temporarily FREE solution? I need to host it until I can make enough income to host it.

    If not free, cheap please!
    PS: I am only 11 years old, therefore I can't afford a server that costs hundreds of dollars a month!
  2. noseynose03 You can use free hosts for them but there is so many draw backs. I would buy a server, you can get them cheap. Also for running a network I would recommend buying a dedicated server it is cheaper all together.
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    noseynose03 I'm with bwfcwalshy on this, free hosts aren't the way to go
    • Less security
    • Loss of performance
    • Less up time, better chances of crashes.
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