Help needed urgently! Bukkit staff only!

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by KooDaLord, Oct 10, 2013.

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    Well, awhile ago, we (Akane Network) hired a plugin dev to work for us. He created a wonderful plugin, but since 1.6.4, it hasnt been working. Our dev couldnt figure out the problem, and to my sadness, quit on us yesterday, due to not having time to code. He left us the code for the plugin, but it still doesnt work since 1.6.4. So if any bukkit staff would be willing to, please tell me your Skype, and i will send you the code. With the code, i am looking for you to scan through it all, and try to find the problems. This is a PvP plugin, so only apply if you know how to work with them. Thanks!
    My skype is KooPegasiAkaJonah.
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    This is a time where I'm going to be blatent:
    I doubt Bukkit staff really cares about your plugin developers code. They have bigger things; like when they had that huge handshake exploit in which you can login as anyone in a online-mode=true just by doing a simple method.
    To be even more blatent:
    You aren't special.

    If you really want some help, then you might as well start posting some code.
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    There is nothing bukkit staff can/will do to help this situation, but many of the developers here can easily port a plugin to 1.6.4.
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    There are very few staff members that actually know how to code (Administrators and BDO staff members excluded), much less that actually look into plugin dev often (sorry Jade :/)

    If you run into a situation like this, might as well share it and learn java or go to a different forum.
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    I've added you. Waiting for you to accept. I wanna help :) I'm really bored at the moment.
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    Ermm sorry then xD. then anyone can help, and kreashenz, i didnt get the request yet D:
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    Err.. I fail to see why this is Bukkit staff only. In any case, the reason we're here is so Bukkit staff doesn't have to work their butts off answering questions.
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    I'm Xendroidz, haha.
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    COuld you maybe resent the request? Because i didnt get one. :/
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    KooDaLord I did again.. Add me
    Skype : kreashenz
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