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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Laguna, Jun 18, 2012.

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    Hello I Minequery plugin works, I have several hours trying to do everything to work and nothing.

    I have installed on my server version 1.5 of Minequery I load correctly on my server. I set "server-properties" and I added these lines:


    On the server that I have hired, I have confirmed that the port is open.

    I tried on my website to wordpress plugin minequery server and another one, but both tell me that the server is offline. What can go wrong?

    Not if it's worth, but my server IP is:
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    Hello Laguna,
    Your minequery port is usually one number higher then your server port.
    Example: If your server IP is
    Your minequery port will usually be 25566.
    So, With that said , if your server is running on a dedicated IP i suggest going into the '' and setting it to 25566.
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    Hello, my server is actually the default port 25565.

    I tried to configure "" as I have said, with:

    minequery-port = 25566

    But still not working, can it be that the port is closed?, Is that I do not know what else can be: S
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    Yes , that is very well possible that the port is closed.
    If your running the server off your computer. Make sure its open.
    If your server is hosted elsewhere , ask your provider to double check that its open.
    And now 'a days. With advanced metrics. Minequery isnt really needed anymore.
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    I hosted my server I have: Shall ask for support to see if they confirm if is closed or not.

    I did not understand the last sentence sorry (my English is basic). You tell me Minequery is no longer necessary? Why?. My idea is that I like to have the server information in the right column of my website, as it appears on the web:
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    Advanced metrics is a relativly new thing to the minecraft world.
    Its basicly a built in minequery. But this one goes a little more in detail.
    Im guessing you "could" use minequery for that player graph.
    However im sure you could use advanced metrics as well.
    Heres a little bit more information on that:
    Quite a few server listing websites use that tool.
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    Thank you very much for the information. I will try to test it with my server.

    One question, my site uses wordpress and widgets I've found is to minequery is this plugin compatible?, I would like to show all the information on the web server.

    Thank you!
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