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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Samcrosby15, Mar 19, 2012.

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  1. If you read the title, IM A NOOB - to plugins

    Hello reader,

    Since im about to babble on, il make two sections to give the reader more flexibility to understand my current problem :)

    In Short, I Have got a server, for my friends, ive got many plugins, theres one more which is i cannot get without permissions, that is home. Ive tried so many f*-beep permission plugins, some out of date, some which are just to f*-beep hard to even use... but then i found this: sorry people about colour, anyways i thought this could help me with: IT DIDNT >_< IM GOING MAD! all i want is a home plugin without permissions, or a more simpler way to make this compatible with that, the problem that i cannot use multihome without the permissions cause not even ops can use /home ... or anything in the plugin! HELP ME SOMEONE \/ goto bottem :) -for a summary

    In more formal form, i host a server for me and my 4 other friends ^-^ i have many plugins but the one that troubled me is a home plugin. So, for the past 4 days ive been searching and i found THIS!: (and many other plugins which didnt work- because i cannot use permissions, anyway-) i tried it, didnt work, it says i do not have permissions... and im a op, to use the /home ... or anything in the plugin, neither can my friends use it :\ i got permissionsX (link is above, in the aqua colour, im too lazy to ctrl + c and ctrl + v it ) and after a 25 minute video it still didnt help me :(

    here is the permission which is located in the red link:
    it does not say how in h*-beep- to use it, or where to put it... so un-organised :\ it thinks noobs like me can understand this ... -.-


    I need help, i canno find a 1.2.3 r.02 plugin for home which has no permissions / i cannot use a home plugin cause it requires permissions = i dont understand god damn permissions

    HELP THE NOOB! for [cake]
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    Lol... I'll help you when I get home but just lol... I was a noob like you once, then I actually read what the developers said and suddenly, it made sense. Try it, you'll be amazed. (BTW I recommend bPermissions)
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    if you want something to use the /sethome command then download essentials :)
    sorry if this in't what you ment
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    Multihome needs MySQL do you have one of them setup?
  5. you are god, IT WORKS! my friends are pleased, and you have all my thanks :D
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    no worries :)
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