Help me im trying to fix with my permissions in other worlds

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by UnicornSweYT, Aug 20, 2017.

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    Hello i need help with my permssions (pex) i have a faction server and im doing another world with plots without factions how do i disable a "certain plugin" like factions this is my pex config

    Someone please help?
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    timtower Administrator Moderator

    @UnicornSweYT Remove all permissions for that plugin in the world where you don't want it.
    Or the other way around: only add it where you want to use it.
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    timtower Administrator Moderator

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    @timtower i set me on member and deop myself and tried in plot world and its working with factions there
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    timtower Administrator Moderator

    @UnicornSweYT Then try to remove the factions permissions there, believe that most of the factions permissions are given by default.
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    @timtower yes now i removed it and it still working on plots man :/

    Edit: how do i disable it on the world plot
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    timtower Administrator Moderator

    @UnicornSweYT Best bet would be to ask the factions developers, they should have added per world support in it by now in my opinion.
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    I'm sorry, I'm a total permissionsX dodger and have
    stuck with GroupManager all the way
    from 1.7.8 to 1.12. As for factions I still cannot see
    a way that makes it actually work per world. It just
    defaults to all worlds and stays that way unless you
    cancel the automatic permissions using the below

    Below you might note that creative world shares the users
    from main world folder but has it's own seperate groups file.
    In this seperate groups file you just remove the permissions
    you dont want players accessing and it will work.

    It looks like this in the config.
    - users
    - groups
    - users
    - groups
    - users

    - groups

    piper, the end and nether all have same group and users.
    creative shares same users file as piper but has it's own groups file.

    I'm sure PermissionsX (eiw!) has the same function somewhere, probably.

    default: true
    - autolapis.autofill
    - essentials.protect.pvp
    - essentials.kits.*
    - essentials.sell
    - essentials.sell.hand
    - essentials.sell.bulk

    default: true
    - -autolapis.autofill
    - -essentials.protect.pvp
    - -essentials.kits.*
    - -essentials.sell
    - -essentials.sell.hand
    - -essentials.sell.bulk
    ^In creative world for all users enchantment tables will not auto fill with lapis.
    They cannot pvp, or use kits or /sell creative blocks.

    Yours would look like this sort of in Group Manager
    default: true
    - -factions.join
    - -factions.access
    - -factions.home
    - -factions.faction
    - -factions.leave
    - -factions.list
    - -factions.player
    - plots.size.1024
    - plots.use
    - plots.commands

    Now you can disable pvp, jobs, /sell, mcmmo, /pv 1, pets, and factions
    or whatever in creative/plots/hub or whatever world. Plots dont work in the main
    world but do in the plot world.

    The - prefix for permissions in Group manager removes that permission
    or simply dont list it. The - will kind of guarantee it cancels the permission
    if that comes from somewhere outside groups.yml like a jobs level reward
    or a custom given permission in users.yml, globalgroups.yml or other.
    With plugins that automatically grant permissions to players as default: true
    you will have to use - -pluginname.permission to force cancel it in worlds you
    dont want it to happen. Sometimes you can use something like
    - -worldedit.* to totally block all commands a plugin can use for
    a user or world.

    If creative world had it's own user file also, all players would have different
    ranks in each world as well as permissions access. Keep it light and simple
    with 1 user file and multiple groups. or you will get 1000s of of user files for
    each world and confusion for the players about ranks per world.

    If this does not fix your problem you might want to look for some kind
    of per world plugins type plugin.

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    Well, you better start getting used to PEX, as Groupmanager no longer works on newer updates. Since it still uses the Array version of getOnlinePlayers, most of the player features do not work.
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