Help me create a small permissions file

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Larabeast, Jan 18, 2012.

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    I just want 2 groups, Admin so when I talk it says [Admin] in red behind my name and I have unlimited resources(if possible)

    and group Members, so once you /register you're now in Members and not default, I only want members to be able to use 3 commands, /sethome /home and /spawn

    I gratefully thank anyone who can do this for me.

    Plugins I'm using: Alerter, XAuth, Essentials, LWC, McMMO, Spout along with Spoutcraft, I can use all commands so I just want members to be restricted to the 3 I specified.
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    registered users wont change them selfs automatically to members you need manually change their groups with command /pex user (nick here) group set (group name here)
    for example

    /pex user Zero group set member

    paste raw content (on the bottom of site) to your permissions.yml
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    Thanks man, if there was a rep button I would've hit it!
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    you can try out my skin if you like my help and give it to friends if you like it
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    It still doesn't say [Admin] beside my name and when I type /pex its an unknown command
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    for me it work correctly

    turn off your server and take out from plugins folder essentials and than run your server and tell me did it helps and i wil tell you what next
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    list of your plugins ?
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    Plugins I'm using: Alerter, XAuth, Essentials, LWC, McMMO, Spout along with Spoutcraft
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    take out McMMO i think its the case since it can change your prefixes

    anyway if it wont help try to leave only pex inside plugins folder and if it works than just add 1 by 1 plugins and see after which plugin prefix wont work
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    Haha I didn't have PEX >.< Now I do and it's telling me I don't have permission to do that but I'm using the permissions.yml you made do I need to set up stuff in PEX?
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    haha sorry bro :D 1st of all if you mean your permissions in bukkit folder you need to clean file up so its empty

    and paste this to your bukkit\permissionsex\permissions.yml file

    and thats all
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