[HELP] iConomy development stopped

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Machete.Panda, Dec 22, 2011.

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    ok iConomy6 does not work with the newest permissionsEx .
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    Um yeah it does. iConomy 6 actually works with mostly every plugin. I was worried as most users, but iConomy does not need an update. End of story...you'd have to read the iConomy thread to know this. I can't find the page, but its at least within the last 10 posts I think.
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    A lot of plugins don't work with PEX. I think PEX is the problem here. Not iConomy.
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    iConomy is the only plugin that I have ever had a promblem with. And also then what permissions do you suggest that is up to date with the newest RB.
  5. @GameOverRules , @jorisk322
    PEX works fine. If you're a noob (gameover, don't take it personally) and can't setup permissions properly then don't cry that something doesn't work. We've over 30 plugins and we don't have any problems with PEX.
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    OK, I don't have any experience with PEX myself, but I was hearing a lo about it not being compatible with superperms, which I thought was the problem here. Thanks for proving me wrong, because PEX looks very promising!
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    Excuse I am not a noob when it comes to permissions I know how it works inside and out by teaching my self, without reading anything. It is the plugins not working not user error.
  8. @GameOverRules
    Are you kidding me? Do you want still to say that iConomy doesn't work with PEX?
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    IConomy 6 is not working with PEX, becuase iConomy is outdated. Then you tell me why it does not work. My permissions is fine i will even sending the fucking file.
  10. PEX 1.17, iConomy 6.0.8b, permission nodes:
            - iConomy.holdings
            - iConomy.help
            - iConomy.payment
    idk what's your problem. iConomy isn't outdated but it wasn't updated since a while.
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    Iconomy did break. it resets all the peoples money ....
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    Why are you bumping a >2 year old thread? Go away & make your own. Good lord.
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    Plugin developers are not obligated to update their plugins. If you don't want to use Iconomy, don't use it.

    Just noticed I contributed to a dead thread :p

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  14. What if he died or something :3

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