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Discussion in 'General Help' started by AMinecraftLegend, Dec 31, 2014.

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  1. I got like 20 people on my server and voting is given nothing, its becoming annoying and people are saying I'm tricking them to vote.

    Ok so I installed virtual tokens. Here are the 4 commands that it comes with
    • /shop = shows you the shop display where you can purchase items/rewards with your tokens.
    • /redeem = same purpose as shop.
    • /tokens = shows you how many tokens you have.
    • /givetokens <Player> <Amount> = gives a player a specified amount of tokens. This can be used to give players tokens when they vote through console or in-game
    I have votifier and I want the command so that if someone votes a command is run giving the user 5 nether stars. Here is my config folder for the voting reward plugin. Scroll down to command. I want it so it does this command.
    /givetokens [player] 5

    However I put it in and it does not work. Im pretty sure I am messing the format so it will not accept. Any help?

    # 6.0 (Large update)     
    Metrics: true
    update-check: true
    vault: true
    lucky-vote: false
    lucky-item-message: '&0[&6&lRewardVoting&r&0]&r You were extremely lucky and got your
    lucky-money-message: '&0[&6&lRewardVoting&r&0]&r You were extremely lucky and got
      $0 !'
    lucky-item-id: 0
    lucky-item-amount: 0
    lucky-money-amount: 0
    itemid1: 0
    itemamount1: 0
    itemid2: 0
    itemamount2: 0
    itemid3: 0
    itemamount3: 0
    itemid4: 0
    itemamount4: 0
    itemid5: 0
    itemamount5: 0
    itemid6: 0
    itemamount6: 0
    potion1: 0
    potionamount1: 0
    potionmeta1: 0
    potion2: 0
    potionamount2: 0
    potionmeta2: 0
    explevel: 0
    money: 0
    command: ''
    votename: '&6RewardVoting'
    milestonemessage: The server just passed %s votes!
    joinmessage: '&0[&6&lRewardVoting&r&0]&r Don''t forget to vote for the server! /vote'
    broadcastmessage: '&b%s voted for us on %s and got his &4rewards!'
    offlinemessage: '&b%s voted for us, but unfortunately he was offline!'
    totalvotes: 100
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