HELP! I have no factions config fie!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by DanSpedey, Oct 21, 2013.

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  1. I have installed factions however there is no factions config file, only a .json file
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    Bump.. I have the same problem.. I see like 10 topics with the same problem as I have but no response.. Seriously..? This is stupid.. My MCORE folder has a config.json in it. And factions folder has config.json in it.. But no real factions config.. I'm sick of this new factions update, it's so stupid.. Help?
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    tademan123 DanSpedey
    Yes, this is recent, and it is normal. They now make use of JSON Files more than YAML, pretty dumb isn't it?
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    "baseCommandAliases": [
    "dburi": "default"

    "serverid": "6c90eaef-2175-40f8-9b76-33d363ed4b99",
    "alias2uri": {
    "default": "flatfile",
    "flatfile": "flatfile://mstore",
    "mongodb": "mongodb://localhost:27017/mstore"
    "dburi": "default",
    "aliasesOuterMCore": [
    "aliasesOuterMCoreUsys": [
    "aliasesOuterMCoreMStore": [


    That's the only settings in that.. where do I find the rest? Like where I can actually edit stuff..

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