Solved Help. i can't die xo

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Androoke, Apr 12, 2012.

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    Well, i downloaded bukkit, set up a server properly and installed a couple of plugins.
    Now i made some buildings in creative mode; after that i changed back to survival, but i couldn't die?
    Is it bukkit, plugins or minecraft? (plugins : Chestshop, Giantshop, Iconomy, Jobs, LWC, Narrowtuxlib, permissionsbukkit, showcase, tribu, worldedit and worldguard; all up to date !)
    Please help !
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    Post your config.yml for it.
    Next time, please for the love of god read. -.- Or don't run a server.
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    Dude i so agree -_- Some times people are just plain STUPID!
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    srry guys should have checked it first, :$
    Anyway, thanks for help it's working perfect now and i can die ;d
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    If your issue is resolved, please change the prefix of your topic title to Solved by going to Thread Tools then 'Edit Thread'
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    ok, andrewpo ty for the tip xo
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