Problem/Bug Help, how can I protect this using worledit?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Wrendan, Mar 1, 2015.

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    Hello guys.
    This is the spawn I want to protect using worledit and worldguard:

    Once I selected the two corners with //wand (worledit) and I defined a region with worldguard, there are some parts of this spawn that are not protected!
    Also, when I try to expand the region it says something like that:
    "Unkown direction: "North_West".
    I'm desperate.
    I think that this happend because this is not a square, is like a ellipsoid (look at the image). I also tried //sel ellipsoid but I didn't know how to use this command.
    I read the wiki of worledit and also worldguard, but I have this problem:
    How can I protect all this area, with //wand, or with other command?
    I'll be very grateful if you answer me how to protect all this big area :)

    Thanks for helping!
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    you are standing and typing /expand 100 or such looking in the direction you want to expand
    You happen to be looking just enough of an angle off the cardinal north, south, east, west directions that the //expand command wont work
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