Solved HELP! GroupManager Error {Thanks JaguarJo}

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Jack_RaG3, Oct 13, 2014.

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  1. Hi guys i have spent about 3 hours writting perms for my friends server but when i run the perms on my test server i keep getting this error from GM.

    Any help is appreciated here guys :)
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    This message, "found character '\t' that cannot start any token", means that there is a tab in your file. The error also tells you where this tab is located: "line 329, column 1". So if you go to line 329, it should be at the very beginning. Remove the tab and make sure that you only use regular spaces in your file.

    You can also paste your file into an online YAML parser to double-check for any more possible errors.
  3. ok i fixed the error it was pointing to but i am still getting some sort of error so i will try the YAML paser and get back to you :) thanks for the help

    ok i cant see anything wrong with it in the YAML Parser here is the globalgroups and group file to see if you guys can see anything


    Once again thanks for any help :)
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    Jack_RaG3 In your Groups file, some of your groups say that they inherit from default, but your default group is actually named Player. So it needs to say that they inherit from player, not default. Looks like this affects these groups: Builder, Slayer, Assassin, Terrorist, and Ultimate_Slayer.

    I'm also not sure if GroupManager is good with using hyphenated group names or not; some permissions plugins don't work well with them. So if you still get errors after fixing the inheritance thing, you could try changing your Head-Admin group to HeadAdmin or Head_Admin.

    And in your GlobalGroups, all I noticed was that there's a blank line in the middle of the g:assassin's permissions.
  5. @JaguarJo ok thanks ill have a look and fix these errors thanks for the help :) hopefully it works now XD
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