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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by CtMarkster, May 6, 2011.

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    Guys, I've been looking through all of the plugins for quite a while, but can't seem to find what I'm looking for, so either I'm blind (possible), or I need help finding what I'm after...

    I'm looking for a plugin that will supply a great number of new items, things that are not in the game as standard. Things like furniture for example, angular blocks, or different tools. Loads of stuff.

    Now, I need to clarify something here, I have seen the likes of CookBook etc, which allow you to add items. But I'm looking for a pligin that has a large number of items/recipes already added, so all I have to do is install the plugin, and people will have a whole list of new items available in game. However, I need to add something... They need to have recipes for making them, and if possible, I'd like to be able to texture them. OPs should be able to spawn them, and people should be able to craft them.

    My reasoning, is on the server I'm OP on, we're trying to create new ways to enjoy the game, while we're expanding our playerbase. New craftable, spawnable and texturable items will go a looong way to helping this. We're also looking to implement an economy, so compatibility with something like iConomy too would be useful.

    Is there anything like this available, or am I out of luck and back to the drawing board? My thanks in advance :)
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    New blocks would require not only a plugin, but a client-side mod as well. How would the client know what texture to assign your couch? You'd have to patch the client with the new block IDs, new textures, new block data, etc. There ARE mods out there that do that, but nothing from a pure-bukkit-plugin perspective.
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    Plainly, what I suppose I'm looking for is something similar to the single player mod, FancyPack, only obviously to work with Bukkit. A plugin that allows new items, but is texturable.

    I guess its back to the drawing board. Such a shame that there is sooo much missing that should be in the game, as evidenced by the numbers of mods out there I guess. Maybe Notch should try spending less money on donuts, and hire another couple of coders, things might happen faster...
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    Don't hate Notch. He created Minecraft for us, so respect him.
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