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    Plugin category: [Help]

    Suggested name: CountNumber, CheckIT

    A bit about me: Im just a normal server hoster messing with plugins.

    What i want: A plugin where you can type a command and hit 1 point and then hit 2 point and type command and it will tell how many blocks you have marked.

    Ideas for commands: /cn (Short for: CheckNumber)

    Ideas for permissions: CheckNB.check

    When i'd like it by: When some1 will make it :)

    Similar plugin request: None

    Devs who might be interested in this: The guy that picks this up i guess =)

    EDIT: This is for normal players so they can easily check how many blocks there is from A to B.
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    world edit has a somthing like this
    you need to give someone the permissions to select a region and use //size
    very simple
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    Lol. Thanks for the info. I bet Trust518 will be happy now

    But in other words it would be better using his command method of /cn as its quicker and is a lightweight plugin compared to World Edit which he might not want

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    Yeah, id like the CountNumber 1 :b I use worldedit / guard but i dont want people to be able to use any we / wg commands.
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    I can do it, today at night. Say me what exactly do you want count. All Block in Area like WorldEdit or do you want know the Distance? Or both?
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    Just both :) then just set a permission for each command.
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    Ok here it Comes:

    Beta version:

    Permissions: CheckNB.check
    Command: /cn

    How it Works:
    Write /cn in Chat, click on the first Position and then click on the second Position. Now it should say how many Blocks are in the Area. Without Air and Water(not tested).
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    Nice!, thanks for making it
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