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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by worstboy32, Nov 4, 2011.

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    I just wanted to remove essentials.
    And now installed a lot other plugins to keep the features.
    But i cant figure out the chat :(
    Im using permissionsex and factions.
    I have tryed OKchat but that seems not working with faction :(
    I tryed Mchat but i dont want to add all users to mchat and permissions when they change rank.
    Maybe i did something wrong no idea.
    Please tell me what to install and how to set it so it work with prefix/sufix from pex and faction.

    MiracleM4n said:
    @.... Check DBO​

    what this means?
    I realy need this fixed
    Trying for almost 5 hours now :S

    using pex (permissionsex)
    But nothing works :S

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    chatter will be updated to have factions support soon
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    that seems to look fine
    Will it work with pex?
    And how long before it will work with factions?
    I realy need a plugin for this atm :S
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    It should support both now :D
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    it is fixed now got rid of pex and using bpermissions now with mchat.
    thanks for the info anyway.
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