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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by eye[knot], Feb 10, 2013.

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    Hi.. im trying to find few plugins. i dont know if them exists but mby you know some that i could find usefull

    Im searching for plugin.
    • that makes a permission for mining an ore... for example. permission.mining.iron - allows to mine that.. simple.. but cant find any.
    • Custom mob drops.. i know that out there is one waiting for me but a time since i found one is big. soo i need one that allows to give multiple drops with different chance ef getting each. for example Creeeper-Drops: 1, 2, 3 Chance: 1: 0.1; 2:4; 3:2.. something like that
    • Mobs spawn in custom territorys. multiworld
    • mobs dont burn in sun and spawns at day
    Thats all at the moment.. Hope you can help me. btw sorry for my english
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    You could use worldguard's blacklist to make a permission for mining/destroying certain blocks.
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    well i wanted to use permissions for Heroes plugin for permission-skills.. when higher level is ganed the restriction is removed or in other words the permission line is added. is that possible with worldguard? not sure.
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    ouh cool... Huge Thanks from me Mate! well for the third one ill probably put monter spawners wherever i need them :)
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    For custom mob drops you could also try OtherDrops - here's an example:

        - drop: COAL/1-2/50%             # 50% chance of dropping 1 to 2 coal
        - drop: DIAMOND/4/0.005%   # very small chance of dropping 4 diamonds
    There are also a lot of other options (eg. varying the drops and/or chance based on world, time, biome, y-height, etc) and chance can go down to 0.0000000001% if you want super rare drops.
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