HELP! Built-In Bukkit permissions.yml file is totally empty! D:

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Nuka37, Aug 12, 2011.

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    Alright, so this summer, a few friends and I put together a private server after having a terrible experience on a public one. I've updated to build #1000 of Craftbukkit, and every time I open up the permissions.yml file, it's empty! Can somebody give me the default text as seen from Notepad++?

    Also, don't forget the users.yml and the groups.yml files if those are needed. That would be very helpful! :D
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    I am setting up a server as well and I want to know in the Minecraft Server folder (or what ever you named the folder that the run.bat and the bukkit jar is in) there is a permissions.yml file in there and on the command promp it says: Server permissions file permissions.yml is empty, ignoring it
    and that bugs me a lot when your installing plugins.
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    I host a Server and my permissions.yml is empty and my 12 plugins work. It doent really matter if its empty!
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    well it does for me i think cos i can log in!
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    same for me, dont know what to put in there
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    From the: Permissions FAQ

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    jonathan edel

    Seriously, I cannot believe how not one person has asked this yet, but why do we need this Bukkit was fine and functional before any of these useless add-ones' were built. Permissions and GroupManager were and still are way more productive and understandable than any of this as it is less time consuming and definitely easier to understand. This "dave" and "bukkit will cry" is making me mad as it overrides OP's and Terminals! Please either develop the option to disable this.
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    u guise n33d to read moar. serverz r eezee.
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    just use PermissionsEX.
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    i also have the same problem, and it causes the permissions plugin not to work, or atleast i think its not working
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    You don't need permissions to run a CraftBukkit server. All it does is make it easier to control permissions for others. I have a server that I would like to have permissions for. I don't want a plugin, i just want to know what to do with the permissions.yml file. I have notepad++, and permissions file is under winrar if that matters

    btw my server ip is:
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    If you want i can give you my perms.yml file as an example so you can change it to you liking.

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