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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Saday, Jun 28, 2018.

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    I have been attempting to create a helix that takes into account the players's yaw and pitch in order to spawn it where the player is facing. However it just makes a straight line and I am not sure why (not where the player is facing). I have been searching everywhere for the solution and have not been successful.

    Current code:
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    The first thing I would think of is that x, y, z might be equal to zero. Though this contradicts what I would think by looking at the code, could you attempt a debug message that prints those numbers? If it prints something other then zero, could you print the location's x (location.getX()) to confirm that the location's x is correct.
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    Right away I can say: bravo, you are working on a tough topic. This kind of geometry isn't that easy anymore.
    Further I can say idk what exaclty you friend tried to code but I think it a wrong approach xD sorry

    My concept (which worked for me) was to first create a the current part of the helix as a vector facing yaw: 0 pitch: 0 and afterwards rotate it around the player's yaw and pitch. The code I used looked like this:

    Firstly, there was a mistake about the yaw calculation. I used these values:
    double yaw    =  Math.toRadians(loc.getYaw() + 90);
    double pitch  = -Math.toRadians(loc.getPitch());
    So the vector for a default helix without rotation would look like this:
    angle += 181
    Vector vec = new Vector(
            angle / 1800D,
            Math.sin(angle) * radius,
            Math.cos(angle) * radius);
    it would just be a helix along the x-axis.

    To get it facing into the direction the player was looking I used this piece of code:
    double x, y, z;
    //pitch rotation
    x = vec.getX();
    y = vec.getY();
    vec.setX(x * Math.cos(pitch) - y * Math.sin(pitch));
    vec.setY(x * Math.sin(pitch) + y * Math.cos(pitch));
    //yaw rotation
    x = vec.getX();
    z = vec.getZ();
    vec.setX(x * Math.cos(yaw) - z * Math.sin(yaw));
    vec.setZ(x * Math.sin(yaw) + z * Math.cos(yaw));
    You don't really have to understand it...

    Last thing would be to apply the vector to a copy of the location and spawn the particle there:
    world.spawnParticle(particle, loc.clone().add(vec), 1);
    Furthermore I think you spawnHelix() methode dosn't need to be static at all, and I think you should rather run your BukkitRunnable as a timer than running it asynchronously and using Thread.sleep()
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    You calculate your x twice? Is that not pointless...?

    First of all, thank you. I will try to use this to make it work. Second, I originally made it non static and with a runnable, a friend helped and that is how it ended up.

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    Woooh once in a thousand years this knowledge is useful! XD
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