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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Raepheles, Nov 17, 2014.

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    I have a server which I play with my friends. Recently there is something near everybody's name. Let's say my name is A but it looks like "A 100 % Health" when someone else looks at me and I see everybody as "Name 0 % Health". Funny thing is that there is only heroes plugin I installed before this change happened and I removed it. Still this thing is there and it's not even working correctly I don't want this to show near people's name.

    Plugins currently on my server:

    Still I cannot understand why this is happening I was using all these plugins before.
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    I'm not sure. Try and do this: Remove each jar file one at a time. Once it stops you know it was the last you you removed.
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    Lol... The result is hilarious. I deleted every plugin and restarted the server that health thing is still there. I also deleted damage indicators mod thought it might do it as well but still the same. So as long as plugins didn't do it, this might not belong here but do you have any idea what causes this ?
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    Well, a plugin you had installed caused this to appear but since it is using the Scoreboard Mechanic for that, Bukkit will keep the Scoreboards.
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    That makes sence. If the bukkit I installed saved data what causes this else where then simply clearing the plugins folder won't solve my problem. Where do you think that bukkit caused this problem installed data ?
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    The Scoreboards are saved inside the File /world/data/scoreboard.dat
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