heal your life Plugin for all Builds [No-Permissions]

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    Heal your life - The life Plugin

    Version : v2.0

    This plugin , gives you more hearts for your life in the Survival/Hardcore Mode.

    Features :

    Only one command , to heal you quickly !
    You must not have Permissions !
    - /heal

    Download The "Heal your life" Plugin , 4play.jar !

    No source code for you !
    More info :

    The .jar data do not unpack , when you running the Server , its only the .jar , that you must have !

    Version 2.0

    Add new chat color
    Add one more command (/heal)
    Project success

    Copyright :

    All rights goes only to me !

    © Ferrox 2011 do not distribute
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    Have a look at the Plugin Submission Guide :D
    A lot of things need to be changed and added for the plugin to be accepted. :)
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    Also... you misspelled.. "Click"
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    I wanted to say in your server are not unpacked the plugin, it'snormal that is still


    Click Here
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    You still need to update your thread and fix it to the guidelines mentioned above.
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    @ h31ix sorry for "klick" it must "click" buty i´m from germany and we sign no "Click" , just so "Klick" thats it ;D
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    [ADMN] for plugins that provide extra plugin functionality that makes managing a server easier, like giving items, managing plugins, etc
    [SEC] for plugins that provide a way to combat and remedy griefing
    [CHAT] for plugins that provide improvements to chat like ignoring, local chat, channels
    [DEV] for plugins that provide developers with frameworks, new functionality
    [ECON] for plugins that provide an in-game economy
    [EDIT] for plugins that provide world editing functionality
    [FIX] for plugins that fix broken functionality
    [FUN] for plugins that add fun mechanics like games, destructive tools etc.
    [GEN] for plugins that provide standard functionality like playerlist, whitelist etc.
    [INFO] for plugins that provide extra information, like uptime
    [TP] for plugins that provide teleporting, homes, warps, etc.
    [MECH] for plugins that change Minecraft mechanics that don't fall under any other category
    [WEB] for plugins that are accompanied by a website script
    [WGEN] for plugins that provide custom world generators
    [RPG] for plugins that provide role playing experience mechanics
    [MISC] for plugins that don't fall into any other categories

    Anyway's, pretty good :D

    This could be a [MISC] or a [MECH] :D

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    Then mark it as both. [MECH/MISC] PluginName v0.1 - Plugin Description [CB build your plugin is on]
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    Please do not ask that in a plugin's thread. If you have to ask that question at all do so in the irc or look at the thread that is already started.
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    He's not asking a question, he's suggesting the category this plugin belongs to because the plugins title is less then exceptional to help out.
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    He was asking a question for which every thread that contains that question has been locked, he can look there for his answer. No need for that here on someone's plugin.
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    Again ... he wasn't asking a question.
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    Whoops, realized why you thought that
    The post is deleted, he asked about when craftbukkit will be updated.
    Sorry, didnt realize that it was gone now
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    Oh my mistake then :p
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    Mod Edit (c0mp): Removed inappropriate comment.
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    Sarcasm/trolling is not appreciated ;)
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    That's really quite rude, not to mention, offensive. Lets see you do it, developing plugins is not as easy as you may think and everyone starts somewhere. Think before you speak, just because your on the internet doesn't mean you can be hostile towards other people just because their behind the screen.
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