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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by SplashedPoison, Dec 30, 2014.

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    Plugin category: Teams

    Suggested name: HCSquads

    What I want: Basically, I want an edit of the current Factions plugin. So what an HCFactions server's Factions plugin is like, is all normal Factions, except for these and the name

    Instead of power, it is DTR (Death to raid), Every person has 1 DTR, if they die, they loose that DTR, within a set amount of time (3 hours), they'd get back their 1 DTR. DTR caps at 5, so no matter how many people you have in your Squad, you can only have 5 DTR MAX. Everyone knows, the more power in a faction, the more chunks you can claim, in this case it would be, every squad, no matter how many people, can claim 32 chunks of land. To make someone raidable, you need to kill 5 people in their faction, if they have less then 5 people, you have to kill 3/4th s of their faction, (for ex. 5 people, kill 3, 4 people, kill 3, 3 people, kill 2, and 1 person, well, kill 1). There are also no enemys, a neutral is basically an enemy. If you aren't allied, your enemied. You can also hit allies, with a message coming up saying "Be careful, that's your ally: **FACTION MoejoeAw44.", but can only have a max of 3 allies. It should still also have /f chat (/f c f /f c a and /f c p)

    A TagAPI implement is also needed (Making tablist coloured and the nametag above your head). Enemys/neutral would be &c (Light Red) (same thing on HCFactions), allies would be &9 (Light blue (NOT AQUA!) and squad members, &2 (Dark Green).

    Ideas for commands: Regular commands for Factions, no /f power, no /f promote (it should be /f mod, /f demote, etc like old factions), no /f enemy (Neutral is enemy). Still keep the /f even though it's squads, just make the command help squads instead of factions.

    Ideas for permissions: Factions.<node> or hcfactions.<node>
    - factions.default (Commands for everything you'd need for joining factions, making factions, etc.)
    - factions.admin (Commands for everything else like, /f bypass, /f claim warzone/safezone, /f warunclaimall, /f safeunclaimall.)

    When I'd like it by: ASAP!!!
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    HCTeams XD
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