Filled HCLives - A life & deathban system

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    Plugin category: Fun, Mech

    Suggested name: HCLives

    What I want: Players start out with 1 revival credit [life] (or configurable amount) and once they loose that life, they are banned for 6 hours. You gain lives by killing people, 3 Victims and you gain 1 life. The max limit on lives are 3. If you are banned it gives a configurable message when you are banned or when you try to rejoin. Example: You are banned for %time in what ever is suitable% (Like it could be 3 hours and 2 minutes 58 seconds left so it'll say "You are banned for 3 Hour 2 Minutes 58 Seconds"

    First join message: "&CWelcome, You have %amount of lives% revival credit, be careful. If you die you're &4banned&c for 6 hours!"

    Join message: "&CYou have %amount of lives% revival credit left, be careful. If you die you're &4banned for 6 hours&c!"

    Ideas for commands:
    - /hclives give [player] [amount]
    - /hclives unban [player]

    Ideas for permissions: None
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    This should be pretty easy.
    I'll give it a try. :)
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    Thanks dude.
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    BodaciousWhale I'll also give this a go, even if DotDash is working on it I want to try to make it myself. Also I'll have configurable everything and color coded friendly things :D.
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    Cloaking_Ocean hey retag me when you have a beta i might use it on my server and also i would help beta test it
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    cockatoo2 Sure cockatoo2 but I'm still a noob xD.
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    It won't be until later today maybe around 7 or 8

    K I'm home I'll start work on it.

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    :( I guess I'll delete my work, was about 80% finished anyways.
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    This will work.

    It isn't updated yet with uuid, but is still functional.

    I am sure Staartvin has this on his list of updates as it is pretty popular.
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    thanks, gonna use this till they make the new one
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    DotDash Don't give up! Try making it if you want because you'll probably still make a much greater plugin than me. and @(Everyone who's posting alternative plugins) I worked on this for like 2 days for a couple hours so even if he does find a plugin that will help him I'm still going to post the plugin I made for him here or on a different page. Btw I haven't gave up I'm just taking a bit longer than I thought making sure all the .yml's work and I feel successfull now that I go the ban timer working

    BodaciousWhale I'm pretty much finished and starting the alpha phase with my friend atm. I still have to test the first join part but everything should be good. cockatoo2 If you still want to test it you could join my friends server and check it out but other than that I think we're pretty much good. Sorry it took so long I thought it was going to be a small project xD I was wrong.

    I'm going to set this plugin up on or whatever because I haven't actually uploaded any plugins.

    ( BodaciousWhale & cockatoo2) I'll still give you guys a link to download in a pm or something so you don't have to wait for the published version.

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